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    Mille Miglia

    The Mille Miglia was an open-road endurance race which took place in Italy twenty-four times from 1927 to 1957.

    Jolly cola

    Jolly Cola is an original Danish soft drink dating back to 1959.

    Weiss, Ernst

    Georg Letham: Physician and Murderer is a tragicomic and harrowing portrait of a morally defective mind. Written in a highly unreliable first person narrative, this unsung masterwork is an account of a crime and its aftermath: the scientist-hero (or scientist-villain) is tried, sentenced, and deported to a remote island where he is privileged to work as an epidemiologist. He seeks redemption in science, but in spite of himself he is a man of feeling. The book came out of the same fertile literary ground between the wars that produced The Man Without Qualities and The Sleepwalkers; like those modernist classics and the works of Ernst Weiss’ friend, Franz Kafka, Georg Letham: Physician and Murderer is a prescient depiction of a profoundly unsettled society.


    Kahn, Fritz

    Fritz Kahn was a German writer and illustrator in the 1920s who specialized in illustrating the physical processes of human bodies as though they were machine powered.

    Langhorne sisters

    Five Sisters: The Langhornes of Virginia


    Amazing blog. An exploration of the finest in art, illustration, crafts and design from around the world featuring animals, both real and fantastic.

    Jorgensen, Christine

    Christine Jorgensen was the first widely known person to have sex reassignment surgery—in this case, male to female. Jorgensen heard about sex reassignment surgery, and began taking the female hormone ethinyl estradiol on her own. She researched the subject with the help of Dr. Joseph Angelo, a husband of one of Jorgensen’s classmates at the Manhattan Medical and Dental Assistant School. Jorgensen intended to go to Sweden, where at the time the only doctors in the world performing this surgery were located. During a stopover in Copenhagen to visit relatives, however, she met Dr. Christian Hamburger, a Danish endocrinologist and specialist in rehabilitative hormonal therapy. Jorgensen stayed in Denmark, and under Dr. Hamburger’s direction, was allowed to begin hormone replacement therapy, eventually undergoing a series of operations. When Jorgensen returned to New York in February 1953, she became an instant celebrity. There has been speculation that Jorgensen leaked her story to the press. The publicity created a platform for Jorgensen, who used her publicity for more than fame. New York radio host Barry Gray asked her if 1950s jokes such as “Christine Jorgensen went abroad, and came back a broad” bothered her; she laughed and said that they did not bother her at all.

    Jamón ibérico

    Jamón ibérico, Iberian ham, also called pata negra, is a type of cured ham produced only in Spain. It is at least 75% black Iberian pig, also called the cerdo negro (black pig).

    Black Iberian pig


    Seattle Slew

    Seattle Slew (February 15, 1974 – May 7, 2002) was an American thoroughbred race horse who won the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing in 1977, the tenth of eleven horses to accomplish the feat. He remains the only horse to win the Triple Crown while undefeated.

    Wingsuit flying

    Wingsuit flying

    Villa Crespi

    Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library


    Nest is a New York based magazine, self described as a “unique shelter magazine,” or “quarterly of interiors” which featured nontraditional architecture, landscaping, and interior design. Focusing on spaces people lived in as opposed to the modern or antique interiors of beauty like the rest of interior design magazines. Nest almost never used templates or had regular features, it pushed the envelope of the magazine publishing world. It was published quarterly from 1997 until winter 2003-04, for a total of 26 issues.Next


    Christian Brylle

    Beautiful model.

    Something home something

    Nice blog.